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Dynablade's Remixes - Kirby Endings (ROMK\KDL3)

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Posting several new remixes as the advice here has helped me greatly improve on previous work. These are all done in FL Studio 6. I have self critiqued them with what seemed to be problems, but any other tips or criticisms are welcome!

"Alone in The Cold" - Kirby's Dreamland 2\3 Ending 'Winter' Remix


This piece starts off slow and goes from the KDL2 "sad" ending to the KDL3 "Happy ending", ending with a mix of Green Greens. The jingle bells come in at about 0.23.

The strings in the very beginning sound weird to me - they were originally Tremolos but Slow Strings seemed better. The Piattis need way more reverb and could possibly be less loud in some spots.


"Into the Sunset" - Kirby Super Star "Revenge of Meta Knight" Ending Remix


This was inspired by old ballads from the 70s but still sticks pretty close to the original. I had a lot of fun with the percussion!

I feel that it gets a little sloppy towards the end, starting when the organ begins to escalate at 1:43. when it goes into a sort of Green Greens inspired tune and begins to rise, eventually stopping an octave higher.

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I'm a huge fan of kirby music and I think you've done a great job capturing the free-spirit feeling of the games' music.

I like the first track enough to add it to my personal collection. I'm not a musician, so bear with my critique. I think the song could be made more catchy by really playing off the melody with some stronger instruments. Currently, and it's quite possible that this is deliberate, the melody is a little muted / muffled by the jingle bells, and those strong, catchy kirby riffs feel like they get a little lost.

The style of the second track is paramount. It's got a great Cop Movie feel. I'm not in love with the trumpet samples, and while the organ is a cool atmospheric instrument, it's hard to feel like it belongs as the primary carrier of the melody. I might consider using the organ as an accent instrument, using it for a bridge or something, or for harmonies with a stronger instrument. Maybe think about using a piano to carry your theme. Of course, these are suggestions from a non-musician's standpoint.

And believe me, I never thought I'd hear Kirby this way. It's original and totally transforms from the Kirby style.

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