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Playlist Major Glitch-Up

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I was working on a remix (http://www.ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=15948) and I was using the Playlist while the song was playing in song mode, when (it all happened at once)

1. A window shows up that says "Access violation at address 01471975 in module 'FLEngine.dll'. Read of address 00000014" and when I close it or press OK, another one shows up and when I close that one another comes, and again again for about 10 times until they stop. If I try to scroll the playlist sideways they show up again.

2. The horizontal lines in the grid are out of order.

3. I hear the instrument in the riff at 0:44 (you can see it in the browser, it's called "Arp King") plays a constant note loudly with major clipping. It only does that when the song is palying, though.

This only happens when you're near the part I was editing when it happened, and only that particular project is glitched.


EDIT: I fixed the problem.

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