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Davidicus - Breathe Again

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Wow... ok so its been probably half a year since ive been on Oc remix... maybe more... I stopped making remixes for a long time. I dunno i think its just easier and more natural to make my own stuff. I think it might be a nerves thing or something. Anyhow ive been working hard on my own stuff and wanted to post my newest song here. Im not trying to exploit OC Remix, I just wanted to get back in the door here and possibly start working on mixes again.

I guess im interested in public thoughts on whether I meet the calibur of oc. Not that I entirely care a ton, but Im just curious. It might sway me to start again. This song is very Nightwish meets Within temptation meets Devil May Cry.


Breathe Again

EDIT: Hmm.... not sure where the download problem is coming from. I just tested it and it works. I would upload it to zshare but it was down when I tried. Anyone know any other hosting sites? I looked it up on google, but didnt see anything that caught my eye

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