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Frets on Fire?


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  • 1 month later...

If I had the time, I would do some OCR songs for Frets on Fire, but im always so busy, I never have time, maybe in the summer. Ive fretted a few songs before, Id say i was decent at fretting songs. Here are 2 songs I fretted just so u can see.

a techno song by Sandre Visior - Speed Up


Keane - Is it any wonder


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I thought this topic had been deleted or something; I went through hell to find it, too. I was on a public computer with a time limit, and when I went to clarify my post a bit better, it logged out. And my internet at home has been so unreliable... typically it stops working right after getting on. And school got in the way, as is often the case.

But enough excuses.

I put the topic here because it *is* a Work-In-Progress. The ones I have complete are Purgatory, Flying Heaven, and Yoshi's Island (SSBM version; just for kicks). I'm also working on Thrash the Plank, though the BPM gets tricky at times (hence "bpm a must"). I was planning on asking permission from the creators before posting the songs, but I can always do that after the fact. :nicework:

I just decided that a song pack of OCRemix songs would be very cool, especially since there are so many awesome OCRemix songs out there.

Which is part of the problem. I've only listened to the songs on the albums (for the most part), which means there's all sorts of artists and songs and games that simply aren't being represented.

Also, I'm no Superman; I can't even make the songs I know I want, let alone the songs I don't know about.

Kwaza, I don't know what to say, mostly because my stupid internet doesn't like Youtub for some reason, so I couldn't see your fretting at all (P.S. My internet sucks). But by far the most important thing is if you can just do it; after all, anything is progress. That said, you're probably busy for a reason, and I'd hate to see you become some sort of nerdy hobo with no job, no life, and far too much internet cred.

Speaking of which, I should be able to commit more now, so let me know if any of you know a good OCRemix song (preferably with guitar), because I'll sure as heck give it a look'see.

Well, that's enough ranting for tonight; g'bye, ya'll.

*seconds later...* :sleepzzz:

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K, I got some of my stuff up.

http://www.mediafire.com/myfiles.php?r=jddvx# for the folder, though not all are OCRemix songs.

They're listed by approximate difficulty (except 9&10, which are potential bonus songs for OCHero... or something) and all have Expert guitar. Other instruments and/or difficulties will be stated.

Flying Heaven (Fei Long Stage) by zircon from "Blood on the Asphalt", with guitar on all difficulties


Free Breezin' ~ Theme of Son of Wind by Darangen from "Rise of the Star"


Doom Purgatory OcRemix by N-JekTed the main site (Doom), plus nowhere-near-to-complete Expert drums


Thrash the Plank (Gang-Plank Galleon Pt 2) by SnappleMan from "Kong in Concert"


Running from Evil Horde (MAP01 - Running from Evil) by Evil Horde from "Delta-Q-Delta"


Seized with Fury by housethegrate from the main site (FF6)


Live at the Sandopolis by BrainCells from "Project Chaos"


Escaping Retribution (Escape) by Protricity from "Relics of the Chozo", with mostly complete Expert drums


Pokemon Battle Gold by Youtube Pokemon Remixer (or something; can't remember) from Youtube (OCRemix doesn't have Pokemon rock songs... :sad: )


Yoshi's Island by Super Smash Bros. Melee from Super Smash Bros. Brawl. All instruments on Expert, though the drums are ridiculously easy.


So yeah. I think they went pretty well for my first foray into the wide world of fretting, but for documentation purposes (it's for a project I'm doing) I need to know what other people think. Hopefully it's cool, though... It might also be cool (albeit unnecessary) to get the different parts of the songs (pretty much just "guitar.ogg" and "song.ogg")

Also, I need to see what other songs are out there... it's actually kind of embarrassing. Not only did I not check to see if anyone was already working on an OCRemix song pack, but I didn't even look for any OCRemix songs that were already made. Oh well, I guess I'll do that now then. Thanks for the support!

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It might also be cool (albeit unnecessary) to get the different parts of the songs (pretty much just "guitar.ogg" and "song.ogg" {EDIT: "drums.ogg" and "rhythm.ogg"/"bass.ogg" would also be nice -- Synthony})

I was thinking the same thing -- since this is all free music provided by the artists themselves to THIS WEBSITE, it shouldn't be hard to contact some of the artists and have them release multitracks of their ReMixes. I, personally, would be more than willing to mix and master the multitracks (so the artists don't have to put in the effort) and might even fret a few songs (I'm good at fretting, I just don't always like to put in the time).

So if anyone wants to suggest a ReMix to be included in this project (or even better, provide the master tracks from some of your own) please post!

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