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Bizarre Finale question

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Okay, so I'm working on revising some scores for an old piece in Finale. I open up the project in Cakewalk Home Studio (like I said, OLD piece) to check something out. Now when I come back to Finale, it doesn't recognize MIDI input. It sees my keyboard is there, and MIDI input definitely still works in other programs. Exiting Finale and rebooting haven't done anything.

Anyone seen anything like this before? Thoughts or suggestions?

EDIT: Man, please ignore this post -- I am dumb.

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This is because your MIDI input is already in use in Cakewalk. Disable it in Cakewalk, re-enable it in Finale and you're good to go to use it in Finale. Problem is you won't be able to use it in Cakewalk now. However, there is a program around that creates 8 virtual MIDI in and outputs, and in that program you can set it up that your MIDI input will be duplicated in one of those virtual channels. Too bad I don't know the name anymore, I'll search it for you.

edit: you say the MIDI input works in other programs next to Cakewalk though? Strange. Although I have the same on my Windows desktop computer when I have Reason and Sibelius open. The MIDI input will only work in the first opened application.

edit 2: a short Google search gave me the program I was looking for: MidiYoke. You can download it on www.midiox.com.

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