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Studio Devil Amp Modeler Pro

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Greetings all, I was so excited I thought I may as well post a topic ^-^.

The other day I purchased an excellent guitar amp sim called Studio Devil Amp Modeler Pro. It's been about 2 years in the making, and I feel it's time I let my fellow musicians know about this.

Some of you may be familiar with Native Instruments Guitar Rig 3 or AmpliTube 2, well this is the latest amp sim product by Studio Devil.

Great sound, great tone and very good for it's price. Not sure if $149 is too much to ask but I think it's worth every cent. Before looking into buying the more well known amp sims I suggest you give Studio Devil a shot and try the demo out. Besides from using the standard Cabinet Impulses that come with it you can also load up your own, a fair bit if flexibility to offer also. Personally I think Guitar Rig sounds too overprocessed, and the cab sims suffer a bit, I've never tried AmpliTube but from what I've heard the tones sound HORRIBLE.

Anyway, I quickly put together a solo, I've already made my own tones, so I thought I'd give it a shot, so see what you guys think:


Also their site has various samples to listen to.

Obviously I'm no reviewer, but it's something worth talking about ;). Share your thoughts and opinions, I'd like to hear what everyone else thinks.

EDIT: This is quite old now, I notice people are still downloading the sample once every so often. My sample was pretty awful and executed poorly. However I have since moved on from Studio Devil AMP as it just didn't have the right tone for me. Though I'm not stopping any of you from checking this out, I've moved on to better and greater things. The preamp could be much more, and the default cabinet impulses aren't that great and take a lot more time to get a great tone out of it, best to use the Recabinet demo impulses instead.

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I've tried Studio Devil Amp Modeler, Guitar rig and Amplitube, and I find Studio Devil Amp Modeler being the poorest sounding of those 3. -But that is for sure a matter of taste, we all prefer different tones from our guitar. What's left to think about, is the amount of different tones and sounds you can get out of your amp sim, and I'm pretty sure both Guitar Rig and Amplitube got loads more options there.

But as already said, all this is kinda a matter of taste. Some musicians actually prefer it simple, so they don't get totally caught up for hours finding the best guitar sound for their song.

Btw, I was not able to listen to your example here, but I will listen to it when I come home from work.

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My example isn't very great as I quickly threw something together. Everything I've heard with Amplitube all the guitar tracks sound way too 'tinny', it's probably more the cab impulse than the pre-amp. Personally guitar Rig 3 sounds a lot better than Amplitube although some of the effects sound like a guitar is being played through some cheap crappy fx pedal. But still both could improve on simulating cabinets.

I'm sure all these amp sim products have potentual to sound great, but I'm not overly impressed with the sound, could just be me but the majority of examples I hear sound far too 'muddy'. I must admit though the free SD plugin sounded pretty horrible. I find it easiest to find the right tone in the simplicity of SDA, with the wrong pre-amp and cab impulse it can sound pretty shocking. With GR3 I found it was too complicated to get my own tone.

The only downside is that the effects built in to SDA aren't much more than what you'd see on a regular amp, few and limited, but the plugins that came with my DAW do the justice.

Considering that Studio Devil Amp Modeler Pro only came out like 2 days ago, you sure it was that you tried or one of their older products?

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