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Earthbound Flying Man hip-hop mix


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Recently I have been working on making hip-hop tracks predominantly through the use of sampling, and one that I started happened to sample the Flying Man track off the original Mother soundtrack (the one with all the singing). Of course I know that sampling game audio as the basis of a mix is frowned upon, but I still used several sampling sources to build a full track, and still take great care in the production aspect.

Ideally I would like rapping over this to complete it, as that's how it's always been intended. Though I can and often will listen to instrumental hip-hop that's nothing more than the instrumental with the intended rap removed (i.e. MF Doom's special herbs series) I'm willing to bet the judges will not see my mix the same.

The mix is still pretty early, since I'm not gonna try to make everything perfect when I still intend on having rapping over it/that to fit into the soundfield, and I'm not gonna do many instrument dropouts, etc when I don't have the rapping to interact with. but I ask this, would rapping put it over the top? Could I even make it acceptable as an instrumental mix provided I do a bit more variation/possibly some kind of dialogue sampling? Any feedback at all would be appreciated.


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hahaha. I like this, can't wait to hear the finished product. I HOPE YOUR RAPPING IS ABOVE-AVERAGE!!1~ if your rapping is mediocre, I'd get someone who is above average at rapping take a stab at that aspect of it, and then you focus on the instrumental aspect of it.

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