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Megaman 9 WIP Magma Man


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So, just got the ol' NO to this mix, and was looking for some feedback as to how I could improve it.


From the rejection:

First off, this was really quiet. Second, the production didn't fill out the sound spectrum very well, and the leads were muted and played very rigidly. Those issues make this a NO, but the arrangement itself had some cool ideas. The blend of jazz piano runs and harder synths was cool. With the right production, it would be a lot stronger.

Vinnie Prabhu

OverClocked ReMix

There are several common reasons why submissions might not make it to OCR's next stage of evaluation (bolded & italicized if applicable to this submission):

the arrangement is merely a MIDI or game music format file assigned new instruments and/or given added effects

the arrangement is not different enough (e.g. structure, tempo, instrumentation) from the original game music

the arrangement is too underdeveloped and/or too repetitive

the sound quality (e.g. sample quality, sequencing, mixing, processing, recording) is poor

the writing or performance quality (e.g. frequent clashing or wrong notes, mismatched key signatures, sloppy timing) is poor

Sooo, this was my first ever serious attempt at a vgremix.

How does one "fill out the sound spectrum" better? I used reason, and FL studio, but mostly reason.

Thanks in advance....

Here is the source for anyone interested:

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For creating full sounding music (filling out the sound spectrum? Is that what you meant?)

that's a good guide by Darkesword.

I personally think you're lacking in terms of chords and the "pianist" (explained in the guide) part.

The pianist doesn't have to be just a PIANO, it could be synth pads, or any other instrument that can play chords. Be creative xD

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