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SkyJack (bouncy progressive trance)

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Since no one has yet to give you a critique I'll help you out.

Not your normal intro for a progressive trance song. I'm guessing there is a bass in there since I can kind of hear it. Maybe try and make that a bit more noticeable and part of the mix rather then underneath everything.

1:50ish at the break. For the first 1:50 I didn't hear anything too progressively melodic. Nothing stood out but, intros is an intro can do what you want with it. The minute you spent on the break didn't turn the song into anything else. Generally when you go to a break in a trance song you want to hit the listener with everything you've got to offer in your track. You want to build up the tension as much as possible so the listener is sweating when he/she finally gets to your peak.

After the little break the song changes. Using the same synthes I'm just guessing a slight change in melody. Sometimes I prefer to hear the new melody in the break so that I can imagine how epic the peak will sound when everything comes together.

At 3:45 you break for a bit again and the track changes to something else. Still similar synthe style and the bass is more defined then it was earlier in the track.

Pretty standard outro, though the clap has a tad too much reverb on it taking up way too much space in the mix (IMO).

My tips for you would be to look at your synthes and see what part of the frequencies they are taking up. They all seemed to meld together and one didn't really bring a defining sound or moment to the song as a whole. When I make a trance/progressive song I try to make it as memorable as possible by doing something different or making a melody that is emotionally capturing or epic. I'm not saying its a bad song though, I've heard some bad songs and this is not one of them. Add more definition to your track and find the defining point in your song and capture it.

Hope this helps.

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