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LaTale (the music of)


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I'm not sure how well known this game is - I've never heard of it until about 5 month ago when it was having it's (2 year...I think) anniversary. It's a free MMORPG which makes money by selling specialty items to players using a credit system.

Now, let's be honest...the game is kind of grindy and repetitive - not quite as fun as say Diablo 2. I'd say that the gameplay is decent. So what's the big deal about it? I'd say 3 things in order from top to bottom:

1. THE MUSIC (omg the music)

2. The Artwork

3. The Characters

The music for this game is phenomenal to say the least. If it didn't have the amazing soundtrack that it did, I don't think I'd be able to play it. This is the real reason I made this thread, to show how awesome the soundtrack is. I picked 2 of my favorite tracks that I've heard so far: Dark Moon Castle, and Lair of the Evil Dragon. (Sorry for the loud FX in the DMC video, I couldn't find a proper video to showcase it)

area music starts at 0:15 - also it skips from time to time due to video editing sadly

only the first 2:20 of the Lair video are the track for that area - the rest is overdubbed.

Now I suppose I should talk about the other points too: The artwork is gorgeous - very colorful and detailed backgrounds & foregrounds as well as very clean looking sprite design. Every single character in the game has their own painted portrait - which I think is incredible. No NPC in the game looks like another; they are all original.

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