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A few ideas from the musically challenged

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Hello all,

Long time fan of the OCRemix work, so I wondered if I could put a few ideas forwards and see if any become popular, or even attempted.

I will say now that I can't read sheet music at all or understand any of the technicalities behind arranging music, nor can I play any instruments (one of my life goals is to learn one...but that's somewhat unimportant right now), so any suggestions are purely based on how a song sounds in my head.

So, on to the suggestions. Most of them will have a vague "Metallica: S & M" vibe to them. Also, I'm writing this with about 4 hrs sleep under my belt, so I may be slightly scatter-brained or rambling in my descriptions. My apologies.

1 - Weaponlord: Bane's Stage

Original -

My thoughts behind this is to start with brass instruments and/or strings with drums (ones with a deep, booming quality), then on the 0:15 mark, bring in bass guitar/s and rock drums. On the 0:36 mark, mute the guitars and bring back in the brass, then maybe weave the 2 sections together, bringing in other suitable instruments until you have a full scale rock/orchestral symphony. I'm not sure how this should end, either with 1 huge crescendo, or gradually remove instruments until you're back with the brass and drums.

I'm sure anyone who decides to try this one will find the most suitable solution.

2 - Duke Nukem: Grabbag


There are already over 9000!! covers of this bouncing around the intarwebs, and a few are brilliant. My idea is to take a little bit from a select few to create an epic, Hollywood blockbuster-worthy version (bit of a naff description, but bear with me...).

It starts with drums and strings playing the intro, followed by them moving to part playing between 0:12 and 0:20 of the above video. Then pause the strings and bring in guitars from that point, and then run through the whole song...maybe going back and forth between each other at points in a kind of battle. I was thinking maybe include a choir or the bells from the original, but I don't know if this would lower the overall quality of the song.

3 - Phantom 2040 (SNES): Title screen


Basically, going from the 1:20 mark and playing that section, then perhaps freestyling afterwards. This one I'm not too certain about, as I can't really think which instruments might be suitable replacements.

4 + 5 - Street Fighter Alpha 3: Rolento + Sodom stages



These would probably be the easiest to remix, as they'd merely require using more "realistic" instruments, i.e: for Rolento, proper guitars and drums, and for Sodom, guitars, Japanese instruments and drums.

6 - Street Fighter Alpha 3: Charlie stage


With this, I actually have a little scenario in mind - T Hawk vs Charlie. The intro could be with panpipes and a bass guitar up to 0:15, add a lead guitar and have them all playing different parts of the melody from thereon in.. The idea was born from playing SFA3 on the Game Boy Advance and fighting on what I guess would be T Hawk's stage, which oddly enough had Charlie's music, albeit slightly altered. I'm currently trying to find an example, but coming up empty-handed so far. I'll update this once I find something suitable.

So those are my ideas. Again, I am sorry I can't be more technical, but I hope that what I've tried to say in my descriptions is clear. If anything needs clarification, I'll do my best.

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