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Kurushi (Intelligent Qube)


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Interlligent Qube is a puzzel game for the Playstation. It is known as Kurushi in Europe and Australia. In the game, the player controls a character who must run around a platform made of cubes, clearing certain cubes as they approach. Cubes are "cleared" by marking a spot on the stage, waiting for the cube to roll on top of it, and then deactivating the marked spot.

I First Played This on the legendary Demo 1 then i went and bought it at the age of 7, the one thing I always remember is the music. After 10 years of Kurushi deprived years I had a craving to hear the music once again, (Oooh how it relaxed my appetite) But I want more so I turn to you OverClocked ReMix, will you satisfy my hunger for Kurushi, Remixed!!.

Here is the First Stage Music






4th and the best (My Opinion)


And The Almost Dead (Thanks K.B. for the reminder)


There are a total of 7 stages but on 5 tracks.

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However, I'd say either of the first two would make for a slightly better source than the fourth, since both of those feature the main motif whereas the fourth doesn't*, so everyone who's played the game would immediately get the game tie-in upon hearing a remix. The third might be the least memorable of the bunch since it's so comparably mellow.

*At least not prominently. I'm not hearing it, anyway.

Of course, the OH SHIT I"M ABOUT TO DIEEEEE track is (cough) vaguely (cough) recognizable to the player and would be another excellent choice of source.

Good game; good tunes.

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