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SmashCalibur Music Request

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Alright, i came to this forum to humbly request that someone could make a remix for my Brawl Hacking site SmashCalibur.

The title of our site is a smigeon between the SoulCalibur and Smash Bros. game series. while our hacks dont entirely compose of SoulCalibur Hacks on SSBB, our theme is centered around the 2 games.

i thought it would be interesting to see how well the two game soundtracks would sound when remixed together! as of right now i was hoping for something along the lines of an opening theme or main menu.

i really dont have a mind for this type of thing yet, but here is an idea for what 2 songs might be nice to hear remixed together.

Revelation (Main Menu Theme) - SoulCalibur 4

Super Smash Bros. Brawl Main Theme - SSBB

as far as the sound im looking for, i figure extracting the Latin voices out of the SSBB theme and placing them in a more seriously toned SC4 song would nice, of course the words themselves dont have to be implemented and could easily be substituted with an instrument. but other than that, i want to keep the remix purley a main menu theme for a fighting game like super smash brothers.

hopefully that gives people enough information for a suitable request.

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