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Ace Combat 4: Shattered Skies

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AC4 has what is probably my favorite vg soundtrack.

Brass bias. Bombastic bias.

This wouldn't be the easiest soundtrack to remix, since it focuses on building and slight variations rather than hooks. You'd have to earn your wings.



Safe Return - personal fave

Megalith: Agnus Dei - +choral


Invincible Fleet

- guitar-driven rock



Youtubes are in hq whenever available and best quality always.

I highly recommend both the soundtrack and the game, the latter of which is (arguably) the best AC and a phenomenal arcade (read: not sim) combat flight game and available for only $3 at your local purveyor of overpurchased/underappreciated video games.

[vgmdb, moby games, gamestop]

Go listen to the soundtrack, buy the game, or even - save me - remix it and make a fan happy. May the ground not rise to meet you.

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bawww :o

consider this one on the eventual-to-do-list. just for you, kb.

Holy crap halc, you are awesome. Above and beyond the call of duty, sir.

Very much looking forward to this making my day a second time.

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