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Winsauce!!! (It's a music album)


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On the 26th of February, I was short two tracks for my album and practically ripping my hair out over failing my first RPM Challenge.

On February 27, a massive explosion of win altered the course of destiny in my favor. I now give to you... Winsauce.

winsauce_20110302_1286583958.png (Click for larger pic)

album_back_20110227_1841426654.png (Click for larger pic)

Check out my RPM demo player for the full album. Please note that the MP3s in the demo player are not the final mixes. I tweaked some of them before putting them on the CD.

As of right now, I am not selling the CD because, frankly, I don't know what the [insert word of choice] I'm doing when it comes to publishing. If anyone can recommend a good indie electronica publisher, please do...

Comments? Criticism (respectful, please)? Fire away.

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