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Tape 404 (Paranormal Activity)


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Trailer for my latest short film. I'll post the actual film on March 18th. We were going for a "Paranormal Activity" feel if you've seen that movie. At least I think so. It was mostly just for fun, we spent very little time on it but it's still pretty entertaining. Anyways the big thing behind the film is it was all filmed in one shot. Which was actually a lot harder then I thought it would be. And there are really NO visual effects. Everything was shot in one take and nothing was added/edited afterwards. There is not even any music in the film. I've wanted to try this for a while now so I figured what the heck. I will admit the trailer is short and doesn't show much. But the film is only a few minutes long. Let me know what you think and like I said i'll post the actual film on March 18th.



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