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Best Game Sequels


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The PSP remake of Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together is fantastic.

Got it 2 weeks ago, and I play it every free chance I get. I already beat it, twice. The World System that allows you to go back through and replay the game to make different choices is a great way to keep you hooked.

Was very surprised by the depth of this remake. You would expect a SNES-like feel, but it really goes above and beyond the scope it intended. Never played the original but I'm a huge fan of Final Fantasy Tactics. A lot of people say that this Tactics Ogre is its true predecessor...and I can see why. I'm still around 20 hours in, towards the end of Chapter 2.

i loved Dragon Quarter, i was also a big fan of 4. I dont know why but there was just something about 4 that won me over. I was ify about DQ when i first started it but it ended up being one of my favorite games at the time.

I didn't give BoF IV much of a chance for some reason. I remember being turned off by its opening....compared to BoF III's mystique I guess.

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