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I love this song. It's my favorite from the entire OST, that being said I'm digging what your doing so far... The thing is, being so mellow... It feels like there's some kind of power laying being held back... I can hear bass in the background, but it's not very prominent,. I would like to hear more of that booming bass coming to life gradually throughout the song, it can be more dominate without overpowering the snare and the main line.

Also it's fairly close to the original source material, and in dubstep that kind of misses the point? I love the atmospherics, but it feels like it needs to go somewhere, like it's trying to get up to speed and never fully 'drops'. You know? The beat needs to be torn down and rebuilt again immediately after the drop, but I'm assuming you're more on it than i think, since this is just your first day's work!

Nullification by Prototype Raptor is amazing, what it does for LoZ is nothing short of breathtaking. The One Whose Torn Apart is just begging for a remix like that, and even a mellow dubstep could take a lesson or two from the various breakdowns and basslines.

To be honest, it sounds great for a day one build. I can't wait to hear more!

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