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Disney Medley


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Yes it's another Disney medley amongst the already-too-many that's going to end up floundering in the bottomless depths of the Internet (in other words, under the sea). Well, almost bottomless, until Youtube eventually runs out of storage space or something, however that works. And then I can proudly say I contributed to that with videos that probably garner half their views from me refreshing the page.

The instruments the piece is scored for are: Piano, Violin, Cello, Oboe, Guitar, Tenor Sax, Erhu, and Yangqin, which I shall term "eclectic ensemble" because it sounds nice. Whatever the case, it's such an odd combination that this is probably one of the first/only pieces arranged for such a mismatched mix-and-match. And in that sense I'm a pioneer. Although the term 'pioneer' connotes something rather more groundbreaking and influential than a messy mediocre melange.

Introduction based on Reflections. A... reflection of Reflections if I may. Fine I hear you, I may not.

When You Wish Upon a Star

Back to Reflections. Note the modulation, which I think blends in pretty subtly.

Colours of the Wind, which ends with the Beauty and the Beast theme slowly fading in.

Beauty and the Beast with John Lennon's Imagine. A random combination I know, which can be tautologically explained by the fact that yes, it is entirely random.

Go the Distance meshed with Beauty and the Beast somewhat.

Hakuna Matata. However you spell it. Nevertheless, it's a wonderful phrase.

Under the Sea

It's far from well produced because it comprises mostly soundfonts (in addition to my nonexistent mixing skills), but comments on the arrangement would be appreciated, especially with regard to any symptoms of medley-itis or the like! :)

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