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Onslaught Six

finished Remastered album Lamda Ecks, new single

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For the last, I dunno, ten months or something, I've been working on a remastered and improved (read: not shitty) version of Lamda Ecks. All vocals now re-EQ'd, many instruments remixed or otherwise fixed up, compression applied, most songs remixed fully from scratch. It now sounds 100% better. If you liked the way they sounded before then you should hold on to those recordings because I saved over my original masters because honestly I think it sounds much better now. Let me know what you think.

Also, the 13th bonus track "Walk On Water," the Ozzy Osbourne cover, is now streaming. As download incentive, I now have seven (!) demos from the creation of Lamda Ecks, including demos of Isolation and Digital Omega that date back to 2008.

To help promote the remastered album, I've (finally) put out the Future single. I do not currently have any physical copies of this but I'm working on it. It has a single edit of Future, an instrumental version, and three remixes done by people from around the Internets. They are all very good remixes and you should go listen to them.

Finally, I was recording elements for a new song Turtles a few weeks ago when I pushed the wrong keys and something fucked up came out of my speakers. So I recorded it, and put it up.

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