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Elfen Lied - Lilium


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While the past few songs I put together are largely unrelated to OcRemix's style, I'd like to inform those interested that we have arranged another song. Elfen Lied is a true anime classic. You will read much about its inherent deeper meaning; how it is supposed to make your question humanity, social alienation, your own identity and what it means to take revenge. To those who aren't really into anime, its music is both heart warming and soul crushing. As with many long-time popular songs; Lilium acquired quite a large following and numerous remixes. We can now say we have at least attempted to reproduce the song. Originality is something we are not very bothered with, as long as we have fun all should be all right. No voice-alterations and all additional work done in fruiyloops. "Lilium" was originally composed by 近藤由紀夫 (Yukio Kondo).

Original: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2QLP4DCcOZA

Arrange: http://soundcloud.com/ravensjig/reiuyi-akhts-lilium

We appreciate all commentary!

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