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Very First All-Out Full-Fledged Dubstep Track! Let Me Know What You Think!


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First all-out full-fledged dubstep track:


This is my first full instrumental track meant to stand alone as it is (as opposed to beats which are lacking the final vocal track); has quite a bit of variation and effects and the song itself is split into 4 sections: Intro, Verse 1 (Reptar), Bridge, Verse 2 (Thorg). I know dubstep can be an iffy genre with people but I wanted to try it out because it is pretty technical from a production standpoint so it allowed me to explore some of VSTs and effects a lot deeper than I usually do so let me know what you think!

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If this is your first take at a dubstep track, it's pretty good. You definitely had some good variation and I liked the melodies playing to assist the bass. I'm only listening on $9 headphones at work, so I can't tell if you need more lower freq or not. I think your snare could be a little longer or could use a longer reverb tail, or a diff type of reverb. I also think you could bring your hi-hats out a bit and add some variation to them at diff points in the song.

Ummm what else... overall, I would say your bassline is good, but to me seemed pretty "clean" compared to most dubstep tunes I've listened too, but then again, maybe you didn't really want something dirty. I like how you worked in some little glitchy / sampling elements in the middle too.

I don't really listen to dubstep but I enjoy a good tune here or there, so not much else I can give you in terms of feedback. Hope this helped, but you're looking pretty good so far dude.



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