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Original Scores for "Rubber Bullets" and "Sketchbook Adventures"

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So I'm scoring indie game(s) for a friend, here's one:


Here's the Level 1 theme:


Here's Level 2, if not instead a Bonus Room:


And an attempt at the first Boss Fight:


Another of his games I've already started on music for is called SketchBook Adventures:

Although he says it's pretty much a dead project, here's all the variations on its theme I've composed for it:


I post these here with a few questions:

-constructive criticism and compliments, have you any?

-do these three tracks feel like they belong to singular, coherent game(s)?

-not a priority in posting this, but if you're interested in helping me produce/mix/master if not co-compose, PM me about it

Sincerely with thanks,

Hunter "Rubix" Short

a.k.a. nintendude794

P.S. Unrelated, my debut recently got posted! http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR02427/

Yay for not-so-good one-and-a-half year-old piano solos! :roll::banghead:;-):)!!


This is just one of many musical projects I'm involved in lately:

-Music Supervisor for recent and future videos at MrDrBrettMan (BrettMetz Studios)

-A Christmas Musical Zelda Parody, also for the aforementioned YouTube channel (Brett's my roommate at university next year, we'll be freshmen)

-Composing songs for my high school's best poet's lyrics

-Scoring games for the friend whose game is the subject of this post

-OCremix project participation, and aspiration direction

-Original albums


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