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Seeking musicians for an industrial rock project


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I'm looking for the following:

Talented guitar player well-versed in

Bassist who can play lead lines as well as follow-the-guitar-player.

Talented keyboardist with a knack for


A live drummer proficient at both


Save for drumming, I can try to pick up the slack on any missing instruments (I have a microKorg synth, 7-string Washburn, and a 4-string Ibanez) until we can get a permanent member to fit in.

If you're interested and fit the bill for any of the above, throw me a PM and we'll get in contact some way a bit more conducive for creative collaboration than snailmail.

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Eh the touring would only come into play when we're big enough to financially support international travel anyway. The internet is increasingly applicable for creative collaboration, especially when you consider a lot of revenue and recognition is going to come from licensing rather than album sales, these days.

Anyway, I'm just putting this out there. If anyone's interested, they can PM me. No need to rain on my parade.

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