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Bomberman Hero 64 - "Act Scene A" and "Forever" (Remix) - A Hero Act

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A Hero Act

"Act Scene A" and "Forever" (Remix) - Bomberman Hero 64 ( 1998 ) - Hudson Soft - Nintendo 64

House - 235 Beats/m

Encoded by: FL Studio 8

Project Start: 12/06/2012 - Conclusion: 25/06/2012


A Hero Act: http://www.myspace.com/hicky8djs/music/songs/a-hero-act-mp3-88192262

Original Sources:

Act Scene A / Zip:

Forever / Milky:

Say what you think about, if you like or hate. I want to see your opinion.


Roughly two years that I'm learning to make music, and has been producing this remix I got more progress, I was very pleased with the result and was listening my own work with this remix many times before and after completing the project.

I kept much of the original songs the way I like, is a remix of two songs, if I may say so, because the two songs are different versions of the same, the remix have much more of "Act Scene A" than "Forever", Club House stile, or elevator music hehehe!

Before anyone talks about cliche sounds, I say I chose the cliche snare sound on purpose to keep the original sound of music, I like this sound and it suits this song even in my remix too. Do you agree?

The vocals: when I was about 10 years in 2004 and played this game, I kept repeating with the sound of bass, "Save people, save people, save people ...". Was I even sang the vocal, but it makes no difference because it would seem a anonymous anyway (I'm not a singer). I can not tell if the voice in this song sounds goofy or cool, because I'm from Brazil and English is not my native language, of course.

For you the sound of the saxophone sounds good? I had no decent sax synth in my packs, so I had to forge my own from scratch in the plugin "Sytrus" of "FL Studio".

PS: Sorry for my english I'm from Brazil and do not speak English well.

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