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Final Audition: Origins via FL Studio, Nexus 2 and Samples


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Hi there! Just wanted some tips and feedback on my original track, Final Audition: Origins (If anybody's familiar with the Pump it Up Dance games, it's my own prequel song to the Final Audition series)

Do criticize any aspects of the song that are lacking, but please focus more on the mixing at the moment, because that is one particular part of the music making process that I seriously lack skill in.

Here is the track:



Addictive Drums for Intro Drums

Vengeance Essential Club Sounds for Other Drum Samples

REFX Nexus 2 for almost every other instrument

Instrument Reference:

0:00 Strings - Nexus 2 StringChoir Ensemble - No Mixing Done

0:19 Drums - Addictive Drums - Left as is, meant to sound like that

0:45 Bells - Nexus 2 Poppy Bells - No Mixing Done

0:56 Pad - Nexus 2 Beauty Combi - EQ'd with a filter that passes from 150Hz, climbs to 2936 Hz and ends at 11,924 Hz

0:56 Bass Drum - VEC Bass Drum Sample - EQ'd with a low pass filter from 60 to 405Hz, added Fruity Multiband Compressor in Default Preset

1:07 Synth Bass - Nexus 2 BA Basic Pulse - EQ'd with a filter that cuts off at 42Hz, boosts at 91 Hz, falls at 305Hz, slight boost at 837Hz and falls to 6972 Hz.

General Hats and Snares: VEC2 Samples, no EQ'ing done.

1:30 Piano - Nexus 2 PN Powerful and Bright - EQ'd with high pass filter from 172 Hz, peaks at 504 Hz till 2862 Hz and falls to 8172 Hz. Added a Fruity Multiband Compressor at default settings.

I know it's a mixing nightmare, because I just EQ'd here and there, added a compressor here and there, so please just tell me what I need to fix and how to do it - specifically using FL Studio as my DAW.

Thanks everyone! Looking forward to your responses.

P.S. The last bit is a sample from a separate mp3 song I did not make, so don't include that when you point out parts to fix.

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