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Final Fantasy VIII - The Landing for brass quintet


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Been a while since I posted something. I finally got a new computer and, to go along with it, Sibelius 7. Fancy. So no longer will I be stuck using crappy MIDI samples, now I get to complain about how the guys they recorded didn't properly articulate the tenuto slurs. :P

This hews pretty close to the source aside from some minor time signature alterations and rhythmic aids at the transitions for ease of performance, as well as a modulation at the end with a repeat of the Liber Fatali theme. Not quite sure how I feel about the end - I couldn't think of a way to climatically finish the piece and having it fade down to a minor chord (I guess the bad guys won) does kinda work.

Anyway, I'll flying out to Chicago tomorrow so I might not be able to respond to everyone quickly.


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