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FREE MUSIC - "four.Songs: Living Dead" Remix EP featuring halc & more!

Benjamin Briggs

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hey everyone! as you may remember, last month I released my second original EP in over 2 years, "four.Songs". now, as a Halloween gift for everyone, I've compiled one remix of each track from four different artists, including OCR's very own halc! wonderful artwork was made by PROTODOME at the very last second (thanks dude!)

I hope you enjoy these spooky-free remixes and remember, sharing is caring! be on the lookout for another remix album on Thanksgiving Day, and even MORE new music (compilation LP) on Christmas!

peace, love, respect and Happy Halloween! (what's your costume? I'm taking the easy way out and going for showtime's Dexter but I don't think I'm muscular enough to pull it off)

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Time to figure out who the fuck Marley Quinn is. Because goddamn.

This reminded me that I'm an aeon behind in your music. Checked out four.Songs too and dug it, and that lego film was a blast to watch, so very neat that you composed some for that.

I truly appreciate your effort in checking out my recent works. sometimes I fear that the more music I make, the less OCR-friendly it becomes :<

and yes, marley quinn is amazing! he's a local DJ/producer from here in Indiana that I was scheduled to perform with... unfortunately that gig fell through, but that didn't stop me from making friends with him :D

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