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The Red Solstice - tactical horror shooter


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Hey guys and girls! I was hoping I could get a minute of your time to check out this game called The Red Solstice. It's a tactical, isometric horror shooter with an emphasis on strategic team-oriented gameplay. The game itself is based off an old Warcraft 3 mod called Night of the Dead, being developed by some of the original creators of the mod.

I composed some of the music for the soundtrack, as well as the promo trailer for this game, so I do have somewhat of a vested interest in the title. However, if you check it out for just a minute, I think you'll see that this is the real deal; a rather high quality indie game. See for yourself! Please up-vote them on the Greenlight page if you like what you see :)


BTW here's an extended mix of some of the music I did for the game


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