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Well, the new version is available now.

449$ for newcomers, 129$ for upgraders (need to have 6.5 and above)

Take a look at the 3 videos to know what's up (not the big vid)


They still do not support VST by the way :)

Much of the upgrade from 6.5 to 7.0 are work flow enhancements but they are some really crucial ones. The ability to set up parallel processing and faders groups is now quite quick to do and a wonderful addition to the program. Warp markers are quite nice too and lets you quantize audio in a way similar to Ableton Live. All in all, the upgrade is definitely worth it.

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I love the how the marketing is so geared towards the user base. Though I guess that's true for all software.

Cubase is marketed towards arrogant know-it-all assholes (like me).

Reason is marketed towards clueless kids who get bogged down by the "technical" stuff.

Pro Tools is marketed towards bitter old men who are stuck in the past and think a 64bit DAW in 2013 is "REVOLUTIONARY".

Logic is marketed towards people who are too cool for Garageband.

Sonar is marketed towards people who used Sonar 10 years ago when it was good.

Reaper is marketed towards Linux-minded nerds who desperately want to believe that it's as good as Windows (another more expensive DAW).

Is FLStudio marketed?

Either way, I love commercials.

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To me it's the built it ReCyce feature and the auto slice thing, which is a remixer's dream for remixing, fit to grid/quantize live audio tracks. Or when I record some lines, especially acoustic guitars, to get them to fit well between each strum or go as small as 1/64th. And the fact that you can load those clips into OctoRex

The parralel channel option is pretty nice too. Anyway, was worth the 130$ now it's a charm to work with as far as "remixing" goes and that kind of music.

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