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Neverending (Sonic Unleashed - "Endless Possibilities")


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Hey guys! I'm back with my first game remix in a long time, and again, it's Sonic! Something about that series' soundtrack just drives my inspiration wild. Last time I had a pretty simple remix of the Sonic 3 credits, but this time it's a cheery Drum and Bass cover/remix of Jaret Reddick's "Endless Possibilities", with my own vocals to take the place of his. The vocals aren't in yet, but they will be. I did only start this two days ago. xD But enough about the piece, I'd love it if you could take a listen and give me some feedback! Every bit of critique is useful, positive or negative, and the more specific the better.

You can take a listen to a WIP of the song here:


Thanks for the feedback, and I can't wait to finish this muffersucker up!

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So, I've worked on it a bit more, but I'm stumped as to what I'm going to do for the bridge. The bridge is really weird in this song, so I was considering totally changing it up, writing my own lyrics, etc. Maybe I could even incorporate a new melody into it, like Rooftop Run from the same game or something. I'm still hoping to get feedback on the song itself, but I'd also love to hear where you guys would be interested to hear the piece go. I'm open to suggestions. :D

For anyone who hasn't heard the original, check out the bridge:

Weird, huh? xD

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No one has given feedback, but that's okay! I went ahead and finished it. That doesn't mean changes can't be made, though. Please give me feedback before I submit it to the judges, anything helps!

The song now has vocals, so hopefully that'll make it a bit more interesting. :3


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