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Hey there folks. I registered here a while back; even posted a few tracks as well. But that was at least a year ago. I've made some new stuff since then and figured I would post them here to get some feedback from you guys.


Flowing, progressive track. Sort of trancey, but more down-tempo with acoustic percussion. Ideal for headphones and translates very well at higher volumes.


Progressive trance here. Nothing huge and epic like melodic trance and stuff though. I wanted to try my hand at something a little more clubby. Maybe it's more akin to house? I'm not sure. I also focused a lot on the production so that it was super high quality. I'm 95% sure there's no noticeable distortion or clipping, and all the synths and samples I used stay within their own spectrum and shouldn't bleed in to or muddy up anything else. I hope so, at least. This track is also ideal for headphones and sounds great at high volumes.

You can view my profile here:


Hope you enjoy. Feel free to leave positive or negative feedback; any ideas you might have that would help me improve. Follow me on SC if you so wish. It makes no difference to me (but I'll be super happy if you do). Even if I just get three plays and maybe one follower, I'll be satisfied.

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