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Dirge of the Dhampyr - Dracula's Castle Remix (Castlevania SOTN)


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Ok so I was working on something else, but I decided to go for something more simple as my first remix. I was having trouble keeping the right balance between source material and original material so I decided to compose first because If you couldn't tell, this is just a composition and not a performance lol.

I found a little program called notation composer that lets me write midi files using standard sheet music notation. It was a godsend for this project. Normally, I write music as I perform. This makes it easy to write music without the keys in front of me and stick to something more specific if needed.

What you hear is going to be the core composition. I'll probably have a prelude that builds up to this lasting about 30 or so seconds. This is loosely based on a classical piece. Somebody should be able to pick it out :).

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