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It's MISS To You!


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Hey there, ladies and gents!

I'm not that often on the forums, but I do stick around the IRC channel quite a lot and usually am at most of the events OCR goes to.

I used to participate in the monthly Fan Art Competition whenever I had the time, while I was in college. I do not have anything from back then to show, and my dA page is pretty much dead, but I have been making vg-related art lately.

I have an Etsy page, MsVilecat's Shoppe, where I currently sell and take custom order of Perler Bead sprite art. I'm in the brainstorming process, I'd love to come up with game-related patterns for crocheted garments (socks, gloves, etc.) this upcoming winter/next year. I also have a Tumblr under the same name where I post pictures of WIPs and other such things for whoever is interested. I sometimes visit places like r/beadsprites for tips and to share.

Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/MsVilecatShoppe

Tumblr: http://msvilecat.tumblr.com/

<3! [/shameless plug]

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