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Nerdcore Mega Project

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It's my birthday like as of 3 minutes ago so I'm releasing a free album

First off it's FREE DOWNLOAD so keep reading.

I've been working on this not so silent project for the past 3 or so months. It's about a future time period where emcees and producers struggle to keep imaginations alive in their galaxies.

They are over run by an evil force and are teleported to traverse the worlds of Playstation, Sega Saturn and Nintendo 64 in order to gain more skills. Got some Mega Ran, some Richie Branson.... just a ton of people

I join like 29 other rappers in this quest to save their worlds from the Imagidrains and 15 different producers.

So happy birthday to me, thanks to everyone who participated and I would appreciate you LIKING AND SHARING THIS FREE ALBUM for my birthday!

Go get you some.


Also. I just made up the outro story as I recorded lol.

Here is the short blog post that explains more in depth the story and process with links to everyone's social media.


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