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FL Studio "Mixer track state" to improve low freq rate or streched music

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This is an overall simple "FL Studio" mastering "Mixer track state" to improve low freq rate or streched music.

I was developing this combination of filters when I going to try improve some N64 musics sound and i think a got a good result, I figured that combination works with most of others musics I've tried to improve, with some minor adjusts, so I decided to share with you guys and know your opinion of it, if this preset are good or not.

You can download on 4shared a ".rar" file with the preset and a sample of sound improve: http://www.4shared.com/rar/COCaOxj2ba/FL_Studio_Mixer_Track_State_-_.html

The filtered track is already EQd, so turn of the EQ of your Mplayer.

To aply it on Fl Studio just right click on the mixer master track and "File" >> "Open Mixer Track State".

Below are some information the way efects are used to form this combination, not too much complicated.

Effects Functions

Fruity Bass Boost: Recomended to just turn on when musics have weak low freqs (bass... kicks)

Fruity Filter: More detailed high freq (snare, hats...) recomended to just turn off when higs freqs sound busted with this filter.

Soudgoodizer: The most important efect are set up with a quarter from (A) type power just to help detail up the music but not busting the vol curves.

Reduce Reverb: This "Maximus efect plugin" preset are set up with a vol gain line in the middle freqs that helps reducing reverb from over reverberated or streched musics. Regulation of the vol gain line (point and curve tenssion) depends from the vol of the music on the track transmition. Maybe streched musics require a high freqs vol gain curve too.

Fruity Reeverb 2: A bit of reverb to musics without this effect (the MIDI like ones) just not to sound too "dry".

Parametric EQ 2: Are set up with a powerfull Dance type equalization (that works with all tipes of music for me). Remember to turn it off when rendering the final project to play it in external devices that already have a EQ, but you can maybe use the curve cordinates like referance to makeup your EQs from other divices if you liked this one EQ set.

Maximus: Are set up with a good proportion of the high med an low freq vols thats help the music sound cleary.

Also, you can set the "mixer track" "stereo separation" gauge to around 60% but just only on the music track separated on mixer.

This "Mixer track state" also works to mastering your music composition project if you use only the "Soundgoodizer", "Fruity Parametritric EQ 2" and "Maximus" effects.

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