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Dusk/Neon District


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Hi everyone!

Here are a couple of tracks I recently finished up for a cyberpunk influenced game called 'VA-11 HALL-A'. I'm working on pulling off the old school PSX and anime cyberpunk vibe for this project. Just looking to see what you think and for constructive feedback. Hope you enjoy!


Neon District - http://youtu.be/5qJLTsmhS6I

Dusk - http://youtu.be/5qJLTsmhS6I


Neon District - https://soundcloud.com/garoadmusic/neon-district

Dusk - https://soundcloud.com/garoadmusic/dusk

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Why, Neon District is groovy as can be. Great rhythm. Never lose the bass. I'd love to hear more piano-- maybe a jazzy little solo could even sneak in there at some point!

Dusk actually gave me a bit of a Phantasy Star Online vibe. Maybe it was the synth, but either way, that's got to be a compliment. :D A little repetitive for my tastes, but put in context could totally work.

Anyway, that's my uneducated two cents!

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