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Courier - Indie RPG (made by me!)


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Hey everyone,

One or two of you may remember me from my Majora's Mask remix, Healing Majora (http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR02315) and a few other submissions to which I've contributed trumpet recordings. And that Wily competition. And some other stuff.

I've noticeably NOT posted a remix in a long time (I'm sitting on a couple, I really should submit them), largely because I've been working on breaking into game development. I've been making games for a good number of years, but my most serious and important project to date, Courier, is making some strong headway and is up on Kickstarter seeking funding. And Greenlight.


Courier on Kickstarter!

Courier on Greenlight!

Courier is an RPG made with Construct 2 that lets you explore and interact with a large fantasy world. But you're not the sword-swinging hero, and you're not the mystic sorcerer. You're the peaceful Courier, making deliveries and helping all in the land. You'll traverse many towns, locales, landscapes, dungeons, caves, and much more delivering items for the characters in the game world. Along the way, you'll help them in their daily lives, influence their decisions, and unravel a plot to bind the Kingdom of Veilend and cripple its outreach. This all takes place in a dynamic, ever-changing, ever-expanding world that always has new things to discover and new places to go.

You'll deliver items, visit places around the world, solve environmental puzzles, traverse dungeons, and unlock the secrets of a sinister plot hidden within. Your decisions, along with the passing of time, will change the world and what its inhabitants do. Secrets hidden in dungeons will open new paths in the outside world, solving environmental puzzles can gain you access to whole new areas, and the main quest deliveries will help you delve deeper into a secret evil binding the Kingdom.

By the way, you can play as either a male or a female.



Click for full size

After a brief introduction, you start the game with your first assignment of delivering a package to the mayor of a forest town, but the entrance to the town is blocked off by a mysterious rock slide soon after you arrive. Once it is cleared and you can get out to explore the rest of the world, you'll discover many similar events have happened all around. Bridges have been knocked out, town entrances have been blocked, lifts have been shut down, and travel routes have been disrupted. Someone or something wants to hold back communication throughout the Kingdom, and it can't be for a good reason. Uncovering these paths lets you gain access to more deliveries to build up your career, and open communication can slowly be restored. But there still must be a sinister plot underlying these events, and that is your task to uncover.


Click for full size

Courier features a large world, nice visuals, and a fully interactive and high-quality soundtrack. It will release via Node-webkit on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

I'm not just making the music for the game; I've made everything in it.


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