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12th Enigma

Touhou SMASH! Compilation Fan-Album/Soundtrack

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(Ah, I am sorry, this thread should be moved to "Recruit & Collaborate!" board. I did not notice.

Hopefully someone can do so.)

As the first project for a certain new Touhou group of groups, I decided to go to different music communities I'm familiar with that would be open to participating.

Basically, this is a compilation soundtrack for a fan-made fighting game.

What is it you have to do to be part of this? Well, here are the rules-

Deadline is December 20th of this year.

Submissions must be in .mp3, .wav or .ogg. If not, you can just ask first too I guess.

They should be between at least 1 minute long, to at most, 5 minutes unless they're really interesting enough.

Submissions should also have a point at which they can be looped smoothly, since this is for a fighting game.

Submission must either be a remix/rearrangement of a Touhou theme, or have a Touhou-like sound.

For example, "Lunatic" by Stormwolf isn't a Touhou rearrangement, but sounds like it could be.

I wouldn't recommend strictly going by that as reference though if you're not familiar with the series itself however.

If you are unaware of the series Touhou, you can learn about it from this video -

Thanks for reading and be creative~!

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