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Appreciation of VG Music 13: Weddings!

Capa Langley

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(Yes, it's back! No, I'm not married)

Theme #13: Tracks suitable for weddings!

What is required from you:

  • Link a stream or Youtube video of your favorite original/non-remixed track that must correspond with the current theme. You are not limited to just one, of course.
  • Explain, in a sentence or two, why you like the specific track. Don't just say you like it.
  • Some favorites will often be shared between more than one persons. This means someone else will likely post a track which you like. So instead post your 2nd favorite, or so forth. No duplicates. The idea here is to spread as much different tracks as possible.
  • Or, you can post a track you've never really listened to before and write why it should be appreciated.
  • Participation is key.

Previous sessions:

1. Battle Music

2. Game Boy

3. Vocals

4. Scary Theme

5. Sad Theme

6. Live Instruments

7. Guitars

8. Character Theme

9. Summer

10. Main Themes

11. Original Soundtracks

12. Cold/Winter

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