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Recreating Retro Sound Effects

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Hello everyone! :)

I am interested in recreating retro sound effects from the SEGA Mega Drive and SNES. I am aware of the .vgm file format, which allows you to play video game music and to able/disable different sound channels to hear each one individually.

I was wondering if there was a way to hear sound effects from games in a similar way, for example the spring sound in Sonic The Hedgehog and the Donkey Kong Country barrel sound.

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Do you mean just isolate the sounds from the background music, or split up the sound into individual components if it's multichannel?

If it's the former, a lot of old games including Sonic have the benefit on a sound test in the options.

I have been looking for the individual component option, as I have been able to find Mega Drive sound effects which have come from sound test options. I have been able to slow the sounds down using Audacity and change tempo but it is hard to breakdown individual tones!

Thanks for the info Anorax! I will certainly look into that for SNES! :D

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