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Need production help with an April Fool's Gag (Pokemon + Punch Out)


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Every year for my site, I try to do an April Fool's article regarding Pokemon, usually involving music in some way (for example, last year I made up a fake tracklist for an "Epic Rap Battles of Pokemon" compilation). This year, I'm planning on writing a fake article about Hitmonchan being cut from the Wii Punch-Out game (I figure this is my last chance to use this gag since the game was just released on the Wii U eShop). I have a rough outline involving a "Nintendo Circuit" that was planned for the game but reduced down to just DK for the final version. To cap it all off, I'd like to make the story more musical by having a version of the Punch-Out theme redone to sound more like music from the original Pokemon Game Boy games, similar to what was done with the other fighters in the Wii Punch-Out game. My idea is that it would start off with the traditional Pokemon "battle alarm" sound, then go into the Punch-Out melody. Throughout the mix, we'd sprinkle in some Pokemon sound effects and perhaps some brief passages from the battle music.

P.S. If anyone could do some original art in the style of the pre-fight slideshows in the Wii Punch-Out game, that'd be a great bonus.

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