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I need voices for a play!

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Okay, here's the deal. I'm the sound designer for a show for this coming spring. I have a few things that a crowd of spectators chant and I'm looking for about ten people to record some very short lines for me. This is not a paid gig (it's community theater) but I will try to get the names of those people I use in the shows program. No guarantees, though.

1. Go Justin! - I need "Go Justin!" chanted four times in a row at 130bpm. Here's a demo of what I'm looking for:

2. Hicks! - I'm looking for more or less the same thing as in #1. Here's the demo of what I need:

3. There he is! - The line here is, "There he is! It's Justin Hicks! Yay!". Here's a demo of what I'm looking for:

Please get these to me in Wav format. I would prefer you send me a link via something like Dropbox but e-mail is okay too ( Also, make sure I get your real name if I use you and I have the ability to get the names in the program. The show is called The Fox on the Fairway and it'll be shown in the Spring at the Reston Community Center here in Northern Virginia. Feel free to ask any questions you might have.

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