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Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire Gym Battle Arrangement

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My arrangement here

Don't really intend to submit this... I don't think this has enough interpretation to warrant it anyway (and I'm not really interested in changing/adding more than I did). Did this for fun and to try and experiment with/learn some of my stuff better. Also the first time I used Reaper 100% to make something start->finish. It took a while to configure everything, but I really liked it's workflow (for the most part) once I got everything more or less figured out.

Any thoughts/critiques are welcome. If you're at a loss as to how to direct your comments, I'd be particularly interested in hearing thoughts on the overall mixing/production and/or thoughts on the bits I added/changed (if you thought they fit in or stood out, didn't like them, etc.).

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Hi, I really like your melody variations and instrumentation. However some "transitions" seem not really smooth, for example at 0:15 the synth is quite loud but the melody at 0:33 is pretty quiet, same at 0:50.

Also the bass could use some slight variations now and then.

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