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[OC ReMix Collab] Student Game Project - Seven Stories Down


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Hello OCRemix community!


Almost exactly one year ago, I posted a thread in the recruit and collaborate section of the forums in hopes of working with an OCRemixer to produce music for my senior thesis game project.  It wasn't very long until I was contacted by and had the honor of collaborating with XPRTNovice.  If you're already familiar with his OCRemixes, go check out all the other awesome things he does! 

While working on this project, a lot of things changed along the way, including the entire game concept itself.  It was a very interesting year and regardless of the results, I'm excited to share what I managed to accomplish.







Game Summary


Seven Stories Down is a third person narrative game that draws on the concept of human relations and the ability to affect the outcome of someone’s life through one’s own actions.  The player’s objective is to direct the type of relationship he/she holds with the main character, Sophia, in either a positive or negative direction.


Sophia is a single daughter of Jenny and Stephen Travers.  At 14 years of age, Sophia loses her father and gains one more reason to ponder her own death.  The player is in control of Sophia’s mother as the most influential person remaining in her life.  Living comfortably in a roomy apartment, Sophia recalls the seven most meaningful chapters Jenny created in her life and uses those memories to weigh whether or not she will take a fall seven stories down.


Game Goal


The goal of this demo is for the player to uncover at least a slight impression of the relationship that the three characters in this game hold, such as their general professions, hobbies, and how much time they spend with one another.


Personally, the objective of this game is for me to exercise as many aspects of the game development pipeline as possible.  I focused heavily on character sculpting and the overall game concept while breaking my hesitations with things like environment art, texturing, and understanding game engines.


Game Controls


Standard WASD Movement
Mouse to control camera

E – switch between 3rd person and 1st person close up views.

TAB – pause menu



You are welcome to download the most recent build of my game and give it a spin.  Please allow for roughly 1.5 GB of space.

The build is made to run on Windows OS and to be honest the minimum requirements for running it properly are extremely high for its size.  In hopes of addressing these issues, I also generated a brief video of my project in order to allow for a broader viewing audience.





I hope you enjoy what you see and hear!

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