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Free recorded sounds for your projects!

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I'm in the process of building my own library of field recordings and sounds. I've decided to let most of them loose on my Freesound.org page as a way of giving back to the community there. All sound will be on a Creative Commons license and some of them will be available for commercial projects. Right now there are only a few recordings there but I have quite a few that are waiting on moderators to accept. I'll be adding more and more on a consistent basis. 


If you find this sort of project useful to you, please check out my Patreon page and consider pledging your support. Those that do will receive higher quality versions of the sound files that I'm uploading as well as some other benefits. My Patreon page describes a bit more in detail about how I'm handling this project. 




Here are all those links again...




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I hit Burke Lake Park yesterday and did a bunch of field recording. There will be some bird sounds, foot steps in the woods, chains, a train, and more! I'm gearing up to releasing my first sound pack and that will probably happen with the next couple of weeks. Make sure you check out my Patreon page at the top of this post for updates!

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I'll be releasing the first sound pack to those that back my Patreon campaign tomorrow! I have approximately 124 sound files ready to go! If you want to see the kind of content that I'll be providing in quality wav files, you can check out what I have on my Freesounds.org page: http://www.freesound.org/people/theshaggyfreak/


Here's a list of the raw wav files included in the first sound pack: 



by people cats
./animals/by people:
dog1.wav dog2.wav dog3.wav
echo-birdychirp.wav echo-meow.wav
kia soul
./car/kia soul:
car_start1.wav door_slam.wav keys_ignition.wav locking.wav turn_signal.wav
car_start2.wav emergency_break.wav keys_jingle.wav power_window.wav
kitchen studio bathroom
garbage disposal.wav pot_lid1.wav pot_lid2.wav pot_lid3.wav
./household/studio bathroom:
cupboard_door1.wav door_creak2.wav faucet.wav shower_door_open1.wav toilet_paper_roller.wav
cupboard_door2.wav door_creak3.wav plunger_in_toilet.wav shower_door_open2.wav
door_creak1.wav exhaust_fan.wav shower_door_close.wav toilet.wav
ElectricShaver.wav computer_keyboard_typing1.wav knockknock2.wav match light2.wav
Sipping1.wav computer_keyboard_typing2.wav knockknock3.wav screeching_top_rewind.wav
Sipping2.wav computer_keyboard_typing3.wav machbox1.wav thump1.wav
Sipping3.wav door_slam1.wav machbox2.wav thump2.wav
Sipping4.wav door_slam2.wav machbox3.wav thump3.wav
bottle1.wav door_slam3.wav machbox4.wav typewriter.wav
cat_toy-spinning_ball.wav knockknock1.wav match light1.wav
burke lake 6-30-15 misc
./outdoors/burke lake 6-30-15:
breaking_stick1.wav metalic_sounds2.wav train_pass1.wav waking_in_the_woods2.wav
breaking_stick2.wav rattling_chains1.wav train_pass2.wav waking_in_the_woods3.wav
geese1.wav rattling_chains2.wav train_whistle.wav waking_in_the_woods4.wav
geese2.wav rattling_chains3.wav trash_can1.wav waves_on_the_lake.wav
instrument samples shaking_branch1.wav trash_can2.wav woods_ambience.wav
metalic_sounds1.wav shaking_branch2.wav waking_in_the_woods1.wav
rain (frontdoor).wav windchimes.wav
dremeltool drill electricScrewdriver multitool ratched screwdriver
dremel tool.wav dremel_loop1.wav dremel_loop2.wav dremel_loop3.wav dremel_loop4.wav
Drill1.wav Drill2.wav Drill3.wav Drill4.wav
ElectricScrewdriver1.wav ElectricScrewdriver2.wav ElectricScrewdriver3.wav ElectricScrewdriver4.wav
Multitool1.wav Multitool2.wav
./tools/ratched screwdriver:
ratchet_screwdriver2.wav ratchet_screwdriver4.wav ratchet_screwdriver6.wav
ratchet_screwdriver1.wav ratchet_screwdriver3.wav ratchet_screwdriver5.wav ratchet_screwdriver7.wav
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