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My 1st Album (The Soul of the Darkness)


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I am a little hesitant putting this on here because I know I am very bad at music samples and I am not a musician and a majority of people here are very good it becomes intimidating.


I wanted to try to take a stab at editing and sampling, I been practicing for a long time now and I am still in the beginner stages of music. I really want to get decent first then good, but I have a long way to go.


I go by the name of Hypnotikid, and I like to experiment with DWS (Digital Work Stations) and sound splicing. I hope to one day become a remixer, and I will strive to be that in my lifetime. But until then, I have to prepare myself for criticism (hopefully constructive) in order for me to get better. 


Now for the moment of truth. 


I recently made an album and released it to the public. This is my first of what I hope to be many. I wanted to try ASMR and Ambient because I find those most interesting to experiment with. I went ahead and made 13 tracks and took some of my old tracks and combined them onto it because it matched the mood I was looking for.


I hope I did okay, and I am looking for ways to improve. Thanks for taking the time to listen. My sounds will always be free and this album is no exception to that.





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