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Game Music and Audio Master courses

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HI OC Remix,

ThinkSpace Education is now offering Game Music and Audio postgraduate degrees online

MA Sound Design for Video Games
MA Composing for Video Games
MFA Game Music and Audio
You may already know that Game Music/Audio can be vastly different to film or animation. Until now a huge amount of the information you need to compete professionally has been kept away from students and any material available is usually out of date.

Our courses are here to rectify that. Providing up to date industry knowledge. Taught by tutors who are working right now in the heart of the gaming industry. Our tutors have an astonishingly impressive credit list that includes; Dragon Age, Assassins Creed, Need for Speed, Bioshock 2, Metal Gear Rising, Just Cause and so much more!

You will be diving into industry standard technologies like Unity and Fmod, providing you the experience to start working on your own projects. 

The course includes video tutorials with industry specialists like Andy Gibson (Audio Lead on Drakensang online) and interviews with composers and sound designers on both AAA and indie games. 

The course is built on real game projects, either created for us or commercially available releases. Studios like Fishing Cactus and League of Geeks have featured their work on our course. You will work in engine, under the same conditions as you will in the real world. 

Coupled with all the qualities you now expect of ThinkSpace Education, you will receive a one of a kind education from any where in the world, with access to industry specialists and ThinkSpace Support. 

If that wasn’t enough, these courses are certified in partnership with the University of Chichester. ThinkSpace is also part of the wider Game Music community, sponsoring this years Ludomusicology conference. Students will receive videos of academic papers on game music and audio from these conferences.

We encourage anyone interested to complete the form on the website to officially register their interest. We will keep you up to date and inform you when applications open up!

If you have any questions about the course or have any thoughts in general, please email me directly matthew (at) ThinkSpace education.com  and I will be happy to answer any questions you may have. 

Happy composing!


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