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Alundra,More Marble Madness.....

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Ok I would do these myself but unfortunately I don't know the ins and outs of what software you guys use or even how to access the music sheets. So I have a few requests: 

Alundra - The Wind That Shook The Earth PS1 - This would be kick butt to hear a remix of

More stages of Marble Madness would be cool.  Sideways Staircase  did an awesome job of one stage, and where did he go? I don't see any other remixes by him?

The Goonies are good enough theme from Goonies 2 NES---- This is awesome source material 

Some other potion remix from Wizard and Warriors NES would be cool 

Super Nova stage music SNES

RC Pro Am 2 NES 

Thanks for reading. I hope maybe this would be adequate for ideas? 


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