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Wunschpunsch intro remix

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[ Wunschpunsch Intro song ]
Didn't find any that i would like.

" Be descriptive about what you'd like to hear. "
- I am not sure that i can perfectly describe what i want to hear, as long as i dont know english perfectly well, especially music terms. 

Lets make it easier, i do hear this like something over THIS, i'm talking not about ritm ofc, but about tone and effects
It should sound more like a fight, like u're climb to the surface with every beat
Less electro voice (the one thats in early of intro is fine, but second .. nah)
marcato - I do love piano part, but it feels not strong enough. Btw i do hope that u'll build around those notes of piano, i don't talking that it should be 'piano mix', just saying that they're fine.
max crescendo - Wunschpunsch

That's all. Pretty 'figuratelly', nothing of those ^^^ are requested as critical important things(, but it would be nice), so, freedom of creativity.


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